Parkman & parker

Criminal Defense

We specialize in all federal and state crimes. From the smallest misdemeanor to the most serious charges of capital murder, any criminal allegation can have a drastic effect on a client’s life. We are prepared to defend our clients as they navigate through these tough times. We have successfully represented ourclients in white-collar cases such as embezzlement, healthcare fraud, money laundering, and “pill mill” cases. Additionally, we have astrong success record with non-violent crimes such as burglary, fraud, and drug cases. Lastly, we have obtained acquittals for clients falsely accused in serious violent crimes such as murder, capital murder, robbery, rape, and sodomy as well.

Personal Injury

Our attorneys handle various types of personal injury claims in which our clients were injured due to the negligence of another. Common examples of the cases we have handled include slip and fall or trip and fall injuries, automobile collisions, tractor trailer or “semi-truck” wrecks, dog bites, dangerous premises, and motorcycle accidents.

Defective Products

Our firm handles defective products cases where clients are seriously injured due to unsafe products or equipment. We have experience in litigating cases involving defective designs, manufacturing defects, and failure to warn. Types of products that we have experience in handling include tractors and agricultural equipment, trash compactors, vehicle defects, and medical devices.


Our attorneys have filed qui tam actions on behalf of whistleblowers for various actions under the False Claims Act. Common examples include government contractor fraud and Medicare fraud. Often healthcare providers or defense contractors may charge the government for services that weren’t provided. The government is able to recover based on a whistleblower filing a qui tam action. The whistleblower then shares in the government’s recovery.

Business Litigation

Our firm is sensitive to the needs of businesses and understands the importance of trust in business dealings. Sometimes that trust is broken and contracts are breached, fraud occurs, and laws are broken. When this occurs advice from an experienced advocate is invaluable.

High-Profile Litigation

We have represented several high-profile individuals such as doctors, politicians, and CEOs of major corporations. Jim in particular has handled cases which garnered national media attention. Sometimes winning the battle outside the courtroom is just as important as winning the battle inside the courtroom. Experience in winning these battles is vital. One of Jim’s many high-profile cases was covered in the Netflix documentary series “Trial by Media”. A chief focus of the documentary revolves around how the defense was able to use the media to change public opinion of Jim’s client and eventually win the case in court.