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Have you or a family member injured or killed due to the actions of another? Our attorneys have vast experience in representing clients in personal injury and other civil litigation. Are you or a familiar member facing serious criminal charges? Protecting your rights in these situations is crucial, so engaging the services of a criminal defense attorney is a must. Parker Trial Law, LLC is your criminal defense law firm, representing clients throughout Alabama and Georgia. We will work relentlessly on your case to ensure that you receive the outcome that you are looking for.

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The team at Parker Trial Law, LLC is committed to protecting their clients. As your criminal defense lawyer in Alabama or Georgia, we work with you to achieve success by either having your charges dropped or reduced. We know that a criminal record will hold you back, so we work hard to protect you at every step of the process. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor DUI or a serious felony such as murder, we can handle your case from start to finish. To find out more about the services that we offer, or to schedule a consultation about your case, call our office today at (334) 699-4040.

Jury Verdicts Won by Our Personal Injury Trial Team

In 2023, our dedicated trial team recently secured a $1,460,000 jury verdict in a trucking collision case, and a $49,400 jury verdict in an automobile accident case. These victories showcase our commitment to fighting for justice and the best possible results for our clients.

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The attorneys at Parker Trial Law, LLC are here to help. Our attorneys have over fifty years of combined experience and have litigated some of the most high profile cases in the country. We have a reputation for representing individuals and businesses passionately. Whether you or a loved one has been falsely accused of a crime or injured due to the neglect or recklessness of another, we have a team to help you. Our firm handles cases throughout the country with a primary focus in Alabama and Georgia.



We specialize in all federal and state crimes. From the smallest misdemeanor to the most serious charges of capital murder, any criminal allegation can have a drastic effect on a client’s life. We are prepared to defend our clients as they navigate through these tough times...

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Our attorneys handle various types of personal injury claims in which our clients were injured due to the negligence of another. Common examples of the cases we have handled include slip and fall or trip and fall injuries, automobile collisions, tractor trailer or “semi-truck” wrecks, dog bites...

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Jim Parkman is an excellent, ethical and highly accomplished trial lawyer. His legal knowledge, judgment and communication abilities are among the best of any lawyer I have ever had the opportunity to try a case with. It is without hesitation that I give him my highest recommendation possible.
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